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Weave News Reader

This app comes pre-loaded with almost 200 news sources. You can customize it to concentrate on the subjects you like the best by choosing from a menu with interests such as gossip, art, world news, local news, movies, travel, the best restaurants and many more. Price – free. Download here.

The New York Times App

This app gives you the New York Times on your mobile phone. You’ll find the app divided into sections just like the newspaper. It has some convenient features such as saving articles to the cloud for later reading and viewing from other devices. Price – free, although for some content, you must be a NYT subscriber. Download here.

SkyMap Pro

This app lets you pick out the constellations over your head at night. Simply point the phone at the sky. SkyMap will read the stars and render them on the screen with the constellations added as classical drawings. If you wish, SkyMap will show the constellations in red so you won’t lose your night vision. Price $99.00 Download here.


This app gives you a Twitter client on your mobile phone. It has features such as auto-name completion, multiple account support, photo uploads and the ability to send articles to Pocket, Instapaper and Readability. Price – free. Download here.


Every mobile phone should have an app for reading ebooks. Freda is free and supports EPUB, HTML, FB2 and TXT formats. It doesn’t support MOBI from Amazon; but, if you have Calibre on your home computer, you can change the format of anything you download. You can download on your mobile phone from internet sites such as Feedbooks, Project Gutenberg and Smashwords. Price – free. Download here.

Office Mobile

Need to have your cubicle wherever you go? Office Mobile gives you the ability to examine and edit your Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents from the beach. The documents are true to the originals and the format remains intact after you make comments or edits. Price – free. Download here.

Nokia Smart Camera

Use your phone to shoot a sequence of photos in which several pictures are taken one after the other and combined against the same background. You can also add effects to your pictures like adding a blurring effect to individual objects to indicate motion, removing distracting background objects and changing the faces in group shots. Price – free. Download here.


This app lets you record and share short six second videos which loop. 6Sec is a full Vine client app which includes an upload feature. Price – free. Download here.


No more getting lost going from Aberdeen South Dakota to Thedford, Nebraska. MapQuest gives you complete directions with complete explanations and distances. Simply enter the beginning and end point and read the screen or listen to verbal instructions and get where you want to go. Price – free. Download here.

Simple Calendar

Everybody needs one. This app brings up your calendar with all of the meetings and appointments you have to get to. It’s easy to use and quick. Perfect for the busy professional or online college students in need of some time- management help. Price – free. Download here.

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