More than a decade ago, even before Larry and Sergey created Google as their school project, Altavista was the dominant search engine. When someone wants his website to rise up in the search results, he simply needs to optimize his website based in on-page factors. That was all there is to SEO. At the same time, paid search took the spotlight most of the time, since if compared today, it was very inexpensive then. SEO then was fairly straightforward and simple mainly because of lack of competition.

However, as the turn of the century arrived, Google came into the picture. We all know how big a game changer Google is. In fact, it has such a huge impact that it didn’t take long before it was pretty much the only search engine people are using when they want to find something on the internet.

It’s important for every person who deals with SEO to be up-to-date with game changers; and if possible, even try to be ahead of the curve. Because in this industry, those who are able to adopt their SEO strategies on the fly are often the winners.

We all know that Penguin 2.0 has just entered our premises. Whether it was invited or not, it doesn’t matter really. With that said, here are some game changes you are forced to make if you want to remain competitive.

Streamline Your Content

Let’s say you have a blog that is in the smartphone niche. The recent update wouldn’t penalize you as long as you stay within that niche. Publishing content that talks about something else in nature, no matter how great a content is. It would most likely do more harm than good. It’s obvious that what the changes Google has applied in its algorithm wants webmasters to specialize. They might be under the impression that having a blog that stretches to any topics depending on what the mood of the owner is that day is unprofessional.

Ensure that you’ve Now Switched to Advanced Content

If you don’t know what advanced content at this point, then you’re in trouble. It means that your content probably isn’t as effective as they used to be. Advanced content includes the likes of white papers, systematic tutorials, a post complete with video, images and even an infographic even. Hence, what Google is trying to tell anyone who wants to rise up in the ranks, is that they should be real experts in the niche they’ve chosen. Publishing half-baked articles that took only a few minutes to create wouldn’t cut it as it has before.

Association with Reputable Online Media Outlets

Since Google is set to only give the top spots to credible and reputable online media outlets, anyone who wants to squeeze in needs to let Google think that you’re one of the big boys. Being cited by credible online media outlets is a huge boost in the SEO efforts of websites post Penguin 2.0 era. Hence, you should work hard to have a link posted in one of your favorite websites.