Even if you are running a brand building initiative for a business enterprise or a fundraising campaign, email marketing is a very viable and efficient tool to employ in a bid to increase momentum in the campaign initiative. There are a lot of effective software and tools that can assist you in creating HTML (HyperText Markup Language) e-mails and manage, track and send feedbacks of your email campaigns without much technical skills. However, in situations where your internet marketing firm handles this kind of task on your behalf, it usually becomes more effective.
Email is one of the best weapons you can employ to send your messages directly to the prospective clients. Therefore, email marketing can be described as a form of marketing in which emails are employed to directly relay business messages to individual clients. All kind of emails can satisfy your marketing goals or evoke the interest of an individual client. A special type of written communication is employed in email marketing to attract your customer’s attention.
Email marketing is employed as an effective marketing technique in attaining three kinds of goals as enumerated below:

For Direct Promotions

First and foremost, direct promotional letter is sent to prospective clients to enlighten them on the existence of various goods, give information concerning the launch of new items, offer information on the firm and its products among others. These are mainly aimed at persuading clients to purchase the products of the firm.
In Creating Long-Lasting Bonds with Customers

Second, email marketing techniques are utilized during occasions when the company intends to make a long lasting relationship with a given group of customers. In such situations, emails are sent to these clients to earn their loyalty. The emails are sent on regular basis to the address of the clients in form of newsletters.
For Indirect Approach
The other means of email marketing is an indirect approach; it’s a situation where marketers put the customer’s business message on emails of other individuals. Emails are also sent via newsletters. However, the newsletters of other individuals are utilized in carrying the advertisement of your customers as opposed to creating newsletters of your own. As a matter of fact, quite a number of newsletters are usually created for this purpose, thereby earning revenue through the sale of adspace to other people.
Why the Rise in the Popularity of Email Marketing?

The email marketing popularity as one of the most effective online marketing methods is on the rise and the reason is conspicuous. Sending emails is one of the easiest and cheapest ways of sending business messages to customers. However, the most vital reason for its rise in popularity is the fact that a person is able to directly access the targeted audience. Unlike websites where everything is majorly pegged on traffic to send a message, email marketing enables you to send messages directly to the potential customers.
Permission-based promotional emails have proven worthwhile. Your internet marketing firm has the necessary skills and experience to assist you in managing the email marketing campaign by putting emphasis on efficient delivery, design and ability to track responses. Therefore, if you want to effectively market your business through email marketing, seek the services of a reputable internet marketing firm.

The failure rate of newcomers to online marketing is quite high, and figures of around 94 percent are often quoted on the Internet. The reasons for these failures are so clear to understand, often relating to the intense curiosity among the newcomers to run in all the directions to get success without doing any solid ground work first. Read on if you want to know what not to do when starting an online business!
* Do not start until you have sufficient money to start your venture. You will need computer, a good website, a good phone system and headset. Printer and fax will also be required. Aside from that, you should keep your eyes glued on sales because this is where your money to grow will come.
* You should avoid chasing everything that comes your way. You know all about “shining object” syndrome as it’s called. You must keep in mind that everybody will tell that their program or idea is the best in the world. For a beginner, everything is quite interesting and chances of getting lost at this stage are quite high. You should choose a high-in-demand niche so that you can start off on a successful note.
* Avoid starting multiple projects without first finishing the one you’ve just started. This can be quite damaging and won’t take you anywhere. This way, you may end up losing your focus completely. Too many projects can lead to paralysis and confusion.

* Don’t allow your curiosity to take over sense of reasoning and start spending on different programs or marketing methods without considering the time you have at disposal to complete the tasks you have at hand.
* Avoid taking first step with online marketing until you are sure about your USP (unique selling point), even if you want to sell online. If you cannot come up with a reason why a customer would choose your product over your competition, then you need to do some serious rethinking!
* Don’t start until you have a detailed plan to generate traffic to your website. As with any business, if you cannot get in customers to your shop, you won’t make any money.
* You should shun get rich quick mentality. When you will first start in your online business, you will see tons of videos, sales pages, and emails promising you good income from day one. As with brick and mortar business, you will have to start from the scratch and move upwards.
Online business is not that difficult, but is also not that easy. You may start with a bang, but without proper guidance you will also fall with a bang! So it would be quite beneficial for you to first go through Empower Network online marketing course that teaches you ins and outs of the game and makes you a master right in the comforts of your home.
In this way, you would be in a much better position to start on a positive note, because “taking action” in the beginning will not only save you time and money, but will also ensure you quick and long lasting success even in this economy.