Marketing on Twitter is now being widely practiced by most of the popular companies in the world. As this online platform gives wider exposure, a little misuse of its provisions can cause serious setbacks to the business.

In case, you are thinking of entering Twitter, you should follow the below mentioned doesn’t have fruitful Twitter marketing experience.

What not to do when marketing your business on Twitter

1. Be casual

Your company’s Twitter account should have a professional look. Open the account in your name or in your company’s name. Your tweets should always have information related to your company. It does not mean that you should always post promotional tweets, but tweeting about matters, which are unrelated to your business, will divert the attention. People should feel that reading your tweets would give them knowledge about your company. Hence, keep your tweets informative and the tone professional.

2. Create multiple accounts of the same genre

Creating accounts for each of your products will confuse people. Moreover, you will have to put extra efforts to manage each account. Rather, you should focus on having a single account for all your products.

In case, you sell different kinds of products then having separate Twitter accounts is fine. Similarly, you can have an account, which would handle the customer service.

Ensure that all of your accounts are working fine and not compromising your online reputation.

3. Ignore people

Whenever someone retweets your tweets, sends a message, or replies to you, it becomes important for you to respond to the person. Responding will be evidence that your company’s tweet account is managed by a person and not by a bot. Your response will be an encouragement for the people to retweet your company tweets.

4. Follow everyone

Do not just follow everyone as a rule. Use your discretion. You will be able to get maximum advantage from Twitter by following those who matter to your business. There is no point in following spammers or those who have no interest or concern with what your brand is all about.

When you seek out people to follow, keep your interests and goal in mind. If someone initiates a connection, do not restrict to just follow them. Say hello or thanks to them so that your personal interest in engaging them is quite clear.

5. Use poor English

Remember, tweets from your company account are responsible for building your online reputation. Usage of poor language will create a negative image about your company. When you are trying to build a substantial relationship with your customers, you have to sound sincere. Grammatical and spelling errors in your tweets will erode your credibility.

Hence, do not write your tweets in upper case. It is a very effective tip about what not to do when marketing your business on Twitter. Follow the rules of English writing, spelling, and grammar.

Lastly, always proofread the tweets before making them live.
Spamming your followers

Too much self-promotion in your tweets will generate negative response. In fact, you will lose followers if you paste links leading to your website very frequently. Though you can buy Twitter followers, maintaining their number is equally important.

You should also post links to other interesting information that you come across on the internet. Be sure to share your thoughts and ask about the thoughts of your followers. Do not just paste any link. It should always be accompanied by your opinions.