Over the last few years, the demand for mobileĀ apps has grown tremendously. More and more people are now downloading apps onto their smartphones to help them do all sorts of things, including run businesses, shop, socialize with family and friends, look for directions, improve their health, get the latest news, and much more. This means that there is a huge profit potential in mobile app development. You can harness this potential by coming up with your own app. But where do you start? And how can you ensure the success of your app? Well, here are some simple tips on how to develop your own mobile app to help you out.

How to Develop Your Own Mobile App
Ensure You Have a Good App Idea
Today, app stores are chock-full of mediocre or plain useless apps that have no followers. This is due to the fact that; initially, organizations rushed to introduce apps without giving them much thought just to satisfy their need for bragging rights. To succeed, you need to come up with an app that solves a particular problem. Such an app will bring some value to your target audience. So try creating something unique – which does not already exist on the internet or App store.
Choose the Right Platform
The platform on which you’ll develop the app depends much on your target audience. If a large proportion of your target market uses the popular Apple devices, you need to develop your app on iOS. The same case will apply if most of your app’s prospective end-users are on Android, Symbian, Blackberry 10 OS, or even Windows 8 supported devices. But you need to note that developing your app on iOS will give it the unique advantage of getting released on Apple’s premium App Store. It’s also easier – as you’ll only be targeting a smaller range of devices (Apple’s). However, if your target audience does not have a particular preference, you should develop your app across as many platforms as you can. This will also allow you to release the app on Blackberry, Nokia’s Ovi Store and Google as you wait for it to be approved on the App Store.
Know Your Audience
Focusing on end-user experience is essential in developing a successful mobile app. First, while targeting a particular market may be beneficial, there’s a danger that it may not get much exposure leading to fewer downloads. On the other hand, aiming the app at everyone may significantly reduce its appeal. So do your market research, and try concentrating on what people can actually get out of the app.
Hire a Developer
If you are tech savvy and you know your way around software developer kit (SDK), you can comfortably create your own app. Both App and Android have internet guides and SDKs to help you get started, including step-by-step instructions on how to develop your own app. There are also some third-party mobile app development tools that you can use.
However, if you don’t have any technical knowhow but you have a great idea, you can still come up with a successful mobile app by engaging the services of a professional. Just take your time and identify a good mobile app developer, and give him the job. Don’t forget to have him sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
Before you submit your app for release, you must make sure it’s working properly. A faulty app can be very annoying, and it’ll surely fail. It’s also good to check how much memory it uses – as if it is too much, then, it might not get good reception.
Promote Your App Properly
Your app cannot become a hit if the world does not know about it. So you need to undertake a vigorous campaign, especially on the internet. You can use SEO on your app’s website, social media, article marketing, or press releases. Lastly, you have to keep checking the customer feedback, including user reviews and comments on different app stores. This will help you to address any complaints or problems that may be associated with your app.

Email marketing offers an effective way to market any business. If you plan to utilize email marketing campaigns to interact with customers and possibly get new clients, then there is a need to build your subscribers’ list. Even though there are questionable techniques to gain subscribers, the most efficient means to grow the subscribers is through genuine and organic interest and close interaction with customers. Here are 5 ways to grow your email marketing subscribers.
Run a Contest
Promotions or contests greatly encourage potential subscribers to opt-in to an email list. Make sign-up as part of the entry requirements of the contest. You can even offer new subscribers an opportunity to share this contest with their friends in order to get more entries.
Remember that it is vital to post the contest’s rules to ensure clarity concerning the addition of the entrants to your email list. Moreover, state the frequency with which you will be sending messages along with the nature of the contents that you will send.
Use the Social Media
In case you are a social media buff, using your active social presence in spreading your email marketing campaigns is an ideal way of generating email list signups. You could post or tweet or share links to the sign up. Take it a step further and create custom landing pages which you could link to from a social network profile and then promote any activity which brings visitors to the page.
Go Offline
Whenever you speak at small business conferences or any in-person event, there is a great chance for requesting the participants to subscribe to the email list. Spread the sign-up sheet so as to encourage your audience to sign up.
You may add a link to the opt-in form on the business cards or any printed marketing material to show that you possess a newsletter and other mailings that people may sign up for.
Give Aways
Generally, people like free things. If you offer free gifts to people who join your email list, you will certainly grow your subscribers. So offer something. They can offer some information in exchange for a certain product or content.
Ensure you provide something with a genuine value such as e-course or free eBook. The question on the mind of most visitors whenever they are called upon to subscribe is “What is there for me after subscribing?”
On the same note, most people like being members of exclusive clubs. So provide subscribers within your list with something unique. Exclusive content is similar to free stuff, except that it is reserved for special readers who complete a specific task that you request them to.
Include it in your email signature
The email signature offers an efficient way to market products or services. Even though one may not prefer to make the whole signature marketing focused, the addition of one or two lines plus a request for a sign up action in the list could be a perfect means of maximizing the marketing tools which you use on a daily basis.