More than a decade ago, even before Larry and Sergey created Google as their school project, Altavista was the dominant search engine. When someone wants his website to rise up in the search results, he simply needs to optimize his website based in on-page factors. That was all there is to SEO. At the same time, paid search took the spotlight most of the time, since if compared today, it was very inexpensive then. SEO then was fairly straightforward and simple mainly because of lack of competition.

However, as the turn of the century arrived, Google came into the picture. We all know how big a game changer Google is. In fact, it has such a huge impact that it didn’t take long before it was pretty much the only search engine people are using when they want to find something on the internet.

It’s important for every person who deals with SEO to be up-to-date with game changers; and if possible, even try to be ahead of the curve. Because in this industry, those who are able to adopt their SEO strategies on the fly are often the winners.

We all know that Penguin 2.0 has just entered our premises. Whether it was invited or not, it doesn’t matter really. With that said, here are some game changes you are forced to make if you want to remain competitive.

Streamline Your Content

Let’s say you have a blog that is in the smartphone niche. The recent update wouldn’t penalize you as long as you stay within that niche. Publishing content that talks about something else in nature, no matter how great a content is. It would most likely do more harm than good. It’s obvious that what the changes Google has applied in its algorithm wants webmasters to specialize. They might be under the impression that having a blog that stretches to any topics depending on what the mood of the owner is that day is unprofessional.

Ensure that you’ve Now Switched to Advanced Content

If you don’t know what advanced content at this point, then you’re in trouble. It means that your content probably isn’t as effective as they used to be. Advanced content includes the likes of white papers, systematic tutorials, a post complete with video, images and even an infographic even. Hence, what Google is trying to tell anyone who wants to rise up in the ranks, is that they should be real experts in the niche they’ve chosen. Publishing half-baked articles that took only a few minutes to create wouldn’t cut it as it has before.

Association with Reputable Online Media Outlets

Since Google is set to only give the top spots to credible and reputable online media outlets, anyone who wants to squeeze in needs to let Google think that you’re one of the big boys. Being cited by credible online media outlets is a huge boost in the SEO efforts of websites post Penguin 2.0 era. Hence, you should work hard to have a link posted in one of your favorite websites.

Do you have a twitter account with a few followers and are you looking for ways to grow your twitter following? It may seem impossible at first but in reality you do not need a miracle to achieve twitter success. You can witness an incredible growth on your twitter following by implementing easy but highly effective twitter secrets. Most marketers and users make a mistake of waiting for their twitter following to grow naturally. Although it is possible to naturally grow your following your followers will be below your potential number if you do not add expertise and creativity. There are many techniques that you can use to enhance your twitter following but some are more effective than others. The top 3 ways to grow your twitter following include

Participating in Chats
The best way that you can increase your following incredibly is by participating in twitter chats. Chats provide an effective way of meeting, networking and engaging with new individuals’ that share a similar interest with you. Twitter has many chats with varying discussion topics. Since it is impossible to follow all twitter chats you should choose the most ideal chats that offer you with better chances of growing your followers. In chats, you should not only target followers but you should also target quality followers. Quality followers refer to followers that can help you achieve your goal. For example, if you are a marketer, you should target chats that most likely feature your target buyers. You should also take part in answering questions on the chats. This will help other followers recognize your expertise and hence, follow you.

Utilizing Twitter Tools
Twitter has many tools that can help you increase your followers easily and effectively. The tools are designed to increase your effort and result ratio. This is by enabling you to access many followers with every single chat or activity. Some of the tools that you can utilize include Socialbro, Triberr and Buffer among others. Triberr is a bloggers platform that helps bloggers to promote their content by sharing on the twitter. This tool will help you acquire the following of other experts. Socialbro helps you determine the best time for tweeting, scheduling and finding followers. Buffer helps you schedule tweets easily. You should also take advantage of other social networking tools such as linking your tweeter account with your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. This enables you to grow your followers overboard.

Create a strong appealing profile
Your twitter profile will have a great impact on the number of your followers. This is because people will first check your profile before they can follow you. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure your twitter profile is engaging. You can improve your profile by adding a profile photo. Research has proved that most people trust faces that they have seen on various occasions. The best image should be your face for a personal account and a logo for your business account. Adding a smiling face will make you even more attractive. You should also create a detailed biography of whom you are and why people should follow you.

Even if you are running a brand building initiative for a business enterprise or a fundraising campaign, email marketing is a very viable and efficient tool to employ in a bid to increase momentum in the campaign initiative. There are a lot of effective software and tools that can assist you in creating HTML (HyperText Markup Language) e-mails and manage, track and send feedbacks of your email campaigns without much technical skills. However, in situations where your internet marketing firm handles this kind of task on your behalf, it usually becomes more effective.
Email is one of the best weapons you can employ to send your messages directly to the prospective clients. Therefore, email marketing can be described as a form of marketing in which emails are employed to directly relay business messages to individual clients. All kind of emails can satisfy your marketing goals or evoke the interest of an individual client. A special type of written communication is employed in email marketing to attract your customer’s attention.
Email marketing is employed as an effective marketing technique in attaining three kinds of goals as enumerated below:

For Direct Promotions

First and foremost, direct promotional letter is sent to prospective clients to enlighten them on the existence of various goods, give information concerning the launch of new items, offer information on the firm and its products among others. These are mainly aimed at persuading clients to purchase the products of the firm.
In Creating Long-Lasting Bonds with Customers

Second, email marketing techniques are utilized during occasions when the company intends to make a long lasting relationship with a given group of customers. In such situations, emails are sent to these clients to earn their loyalty. The emails are sent on regular basis to the address of the clients in form of newsletters.
For Indirect Approach
The other means of email marketing is an indirect approach; it’s a situation where marketers put the customer’s business message on emails of other individuals. Emails are also sent via newsletters. However, the newsletters of other individuals are utilized in carrying the advertisement of your customers as opposed to creating newsletters of your own. As a matter of fact, quite a number of newsletters are usually created for this purpose, thereby earning revenue through the sale of adspace to other people.
Why the Rise in the Popularity of Email Marketing?

The email marketing popularity as one of the most effective online marketing methods is on the rise and the reason is conspicuous. Sending emails is one of the easiest and cheapest ways of sending business messages to customers. However, the most vital reason for its rise in popularity is the fact that a person is able to directly access the targeted audience. Unlike websites where everything is majorly pegged on traffic to send a message, email marketing enables you to send messages directly to the potential customers.
Permission-based promotional emails have proven worthwhile. Your internet marketing firm has the necessary skills and experience to assist you in managing the email marketing campaign by putting emphasis on efficient delivery, design and ability to track responses. Therefore, if you want to effectively market your business through email marketing, seek the services of a reputable internet marketing firm.

If your business does not already have a mobile app, and a mobile friendly website you need to read this article. We are going to discuss the top 3 reasons you need a business mobile app. Even if your business does have a business mobile app you should read this article, you may learn some things you did not already know.

The first Reason you need a Business Mobile App

The first reason your business should have a mobile app is that there are more than six billion registered mobile users worldwide. Six billion people is a big number, by having a mobile app and a mobile friendly website you are making your business available to the billions of people that use mobile devices. For most people, their mobile devices have become a necessity more than a luxury. Most people are never more than an arm’s length away from their mobile device. Many people check their mobile device nearly 100 times or more per day. Another fact you need to keep in mind is that technology keeps moving forward. In the future mobile usage is going to grow. Think about all of the newest technology that has already increased mobile usage: 4G internet, tablets, smartphones, and other mobile technologies are making mobile internet use even more appealing. Consider this fact, 95% of smartphone users say they use their smartphone to search for local businesses, and 90% of the time these users make use of a business they find on their smartphone. If this is the only information available, it is enough to convince any business owner they should have a business mobile app.

Reason Two for having a Business Mobile App

Having a business mobile app will boost your company’s online reputation and your brand recognition. Your online reputation is a measure of how people think of your company’s online presence. This may not sound that important, but to those that access the web through a mobile device, and that number is growing daily, your online reputation is critical. If you have a good online reputation, you will find that more and more people are coming to your mobile website and downloading your business mobile app. News spreads fast over the internet, especially for mobile users. If your business does not have a mobile presence, you do not have the ability to make contact with billions of users all around the globe.

Reason Number Three for having a Business Mobile App

Having a business mobile app and a mobile friendly website will allow your business to satisfy your customers and build relationships with customers. Mobile apps and websites give your company the ability to keep information about your company up-to-date nearly instantly. Mobile apps give you the ability to give and get instant feedback from your customers, you can inform your customers of sales and other specials instantly, and you can do much more with a mobile business app.

As you can see, mobile business apps are a necessity in this modern age of mobile technology. We have given you the top 3 reasons you need a business mobile app, and we have barely scratched the surface of all of the benefits of getting your company mobile. Your business can realize many other benefits by getting into the mobile app and website market. If you are not mobile, and your competitors are, they win, they will gain customers while your customer base remains stagnant or decreases.

It is important to underside how to increase the Facebook likes on your website. It is important to acquire likes for a Facebook page. The higher the number of likes shows the popularity of the page.
Adding a Fanbox.
This is an important step to take since it will increase the traffic that is attracted to the page. A fan box can be added to a website or a blog. These boxes usually act as free ads thus giving a more prominent position to the page. This method works effectively since most people are usually logged in to Facebook by default. This means that when they do one click, they can end up on a particular page directly. Offers can be made for the likes that are made for a page. Some of these offers include samples recognition, coupons, resources, e-books, discounts, and white-papers.
Use of enticing content.
Consumers are usually attracted by content. Attractive content always captures the attention of the customers. The use of high quality images is important to portray both quality and professionalism. In order to get high quality images and contents, there is a need for investment. Welcome videos can be used to communicate information to the potential clients. Proper investments will ensure that high quality and reliable products are developed.
Advertisement is necessary to make people to be aware about the page or group. Facebook advertising usually costs some little money but it works effectively. There are different formats that can be used for Facebook advertising. Advertisement is efficient especially when trying to keep up with the activities of competitors. Addition of the share button can be used to advertise the business and to reach out to a bigger market. If a person likes a page, he can have the chance to share it with friends and other people who may be interested.
Links to other social sites.
It is possible to promote a fan page to Facebook friend by sharing the link. Under the photo section, there is a section, which allows Facebook account holder to write something about him or herself. This is the mini bio field. Hence, the link for a particular page can be posted here to allow for more likes to the page. A badge or button could be added to the profile as well. Applications such as HMTL can be used to create an accustomed HTML such as a Facebook badge. This attracts the attention of a viewer and can increase the number of likes. The links can also be made to other popular sites like twitter .
Autographing pages
Tagging a page can be done as well. Information about the page can be given by tagging the page with a tag after writing a personal update. Tagging creates a hyperlink that can be clicked for further information. Tags can also be done on other Facebook pages to attract the attention of possible clients. However, caution needs to be taken in this case to ensure that tags are not added on the pages of competitors since this may bring about some issues. The “suggest to friends” option could also be used to make the friend aware of the page.

Anyone who is serious in making their business grow and succeed (even if to say that it is only a home business) should consider scaling their business, but what does scaling a home business means? No businessman or woman would dare foresee the downfall of their business (otherwise that person should just stop because the entire endeavor will end in failure if he or she thinks that the business will not survive) and scaling the business can pave way to the coveted success in lesser time than expected.

Is it really necessary to scale a home business and why scaling your home business matters? To be blunt – yes, it is very important because it could be your stepping stone in achieving life’s desires, utter convenience and to ensure success. Scaling a home business does not always mean branching out, there are other things that a business owner can do in order to grow the home business and perhaps into something larger than imagined.

Ways of Scaling the Business

When someone says to operate the business at scale, he or she means that the resources must be fully allocated and optimized to generate the greatest possible favorable results and market volume. It also means that there should never have any redundancy in given efforts. Every component of the home business or company should work together in achieving a common goal.

Scaling also refers to size and if a serious business owner wants to make his or her business grow in terms of size then looking for potential business partner might just do the trick. A home business can also expand through the help of family or friends. Looking for better deals from potential suppliers can also help create good business camaraderie which can bring a lot of benefits for the business owner. It can also become a ground for a business partnership.

Home business can also use the latest trends in technology to achieve the growth that the business owner wants. A home business is still a business which has a potential to achieve global growth if the owner is bold enough to engage with the things that the new technology offers. No one can doubt the impact that the latest in technology brings. Most businesses achieve financial growth with the same operational cost but the difference is that they incorporated the latest technology on their side (could be a software or a simpler approach made possible by the modern gadget).

Aggressive marketing may or may not work for a certain business owner. There are group of potential clients that simply dislike certain point of aggressiveness in promoting a product while there are others that can be easily persuaded with such marketing tactic. In order to scale the business effectively using certain degree of promoting the product, it is prudent to study the group of potential clients first before proceeding with the plan.

Points to Ponder Regarding Scaling

There is really no argument regarding the importance of scaling in home business. Most of the time, a home business owner should think outside the box and see the whole picture in a different angle. Yes, it is very possible to make the home business grow into something enormous and gigantic and all the possibility of making it come true depends on the business owner.

If a home business entrepreneur is indecisive, lacks confidence, or just fine with the meager income of his or her home business then the possibility of seeing the global growth of his or her business is impossible to happen. If a business owner lacks confidence but would still like to see his or her business attain possible international growth then all he or she needs to do is change the current mindset and adapt a more suitable one to fulfill the goal.

The bottom line is that scaling does matter whether the business is big, medium or a home based and a serious and prudent business owner should start making preparations to take his or her business into the next level. It is not enough that the business can augment financial needs today because you can certainly get more from it. With proper scaling, the home business can flourish and grow into a remarkable source of income that will eventually replace a nine to five job and give financial freedom for years to come.

No one can deny the fact that social media has gained a lot of popularity and importance in recent years. Social media has been able to create highly interactive platforms using which individuals and communities are able to create, share and discuss about various topics. The first social media site was creates in 1994, but it has only gained popularity in the last few years ever since certain new social media sites came into existence. To gain more information regarding Social Media, click on this link,

Image representing Social Media Networks as de...

Social Media Marketing

As social media gained popularity, the use of social media networks as a marketing tool became possible. Social media networks attract millions of users to their site and therefore became a pool of potential customers for businesses. This brought about the emergence of social media marketing, which uses social media networks as a marketing platform. Social media marketing is all about social sharing of content, images, videos and other media for marketing. SMM is one of the latest online marketing types used by most businesses around the world to increase their brand image. You can find more information regarding social media marketing here,

Social Media for Marketing Goals

Some of the popular goals of using social media for marketing are

  • Website traffic
  • Brand awareness
  • Communicating and interacting with key audiences
  • Conversions
  • Create brand identity
  • Create positive brand association

Tips for using social media site for marketing

Tip #1 Planning

It is important to have a good marketing plan while using social media for marketing. Social media users are very sensitive and any wrong move can seriously damage the brand reputation. Therefore, careful planning of the social media marketing has to be done.

Tip #2 Content

Content is very important in any social media marketing. Ensure that you provide valuable information to the social media users. Create content that is attractive, appealing and informative.

Tip #3 Consistencies in brand image

Social media marketing will involve marketing in various social media networks. It is therefore important to ensure that consistency is maintained while projecting the brand image. The content and language used in the social media networks will have to vary, but ensure that the core identity of the business remains the same throughout.

Tip #4 Blogging

Blogging has profound influence in any type of social media marketing. Blogs that contain valuable content related to your services or products will greatly help in your social media marketing campaign. If your company has a blog, it can be utilized as a social media marketing blog wherein you can display the recent social media efforts you have taken along with information regarding contests and events

Tip #5 Links

Though importance has to be given to providing unique and useful content to the social media users, linking outside articles that provide good information is also a good option. When you link outside sources, it can help build trust and reliability among social media users.

Tip #6 Keep track of your competitors

It is important to keep track of what your competitors are doing. By analyzing your competitors, you will be able to identify valuable data regarding keyword research and strategies used by the competitors in social media networks.

Matthew Anton is a freelance marketing consultant who has successfully used social media as a powerful marketing tool.

You may have heard about the relatively new phenomenon of mobile text message marketing. In fact, if you have not heard of it, then it’s high time that you do! Mobile devices are the wave of the future when it comes to marketing your brand online. Mobile text message marketing has many advantages and benefits when it comes to getting your message out to your existing customer base, and even when it comes to spreading your Brands to people that have never heard of you before.

Text Message Marketing

In this day and age, if you are serious about your marketing efforts, then you will allocate at least a portion of your marketing budget to mobile text marketing.

So how does mobile marketing actually work?

– The Logistics Of Mobile Text Message Marketing
First, clients opt in to a text message marketing system by texting a certain keyword to your business’ individualized code or the technical term is short code. After that, clients will receive the mobile marketing messages that your business sends out to them, until such time as they choose to unsubscribe.

– What Kinds Of Messages Can You Get Out To Your Customer Base Through Mobile Text Marketing?
Really, any kind of message can be sent out via mobile text message. Popular messages that businesses choose to send out include news that customers would be interested in or need to know, and deals and bargains that they can get. Also, any website content that a business owner wants to drive traffic to can be sent out via a mobile message.

– The Benefits Of Mobile Text Message Marketing
There are two distinct benefits to mobile marketing, and that is the amount of people that your business will reach and how excited those people will be to receive your message. Even when people ignore the majority of their emails, they religiously check every single text message. In fact, studies have shown time and time again that mobile messages have a far superior open rate the emails. In fact, there is no comparison. When it comes to reach and engagement, mobile marketing really has no equal.

– What Kind Of Experience Do You Want To Give To Your Customers?
One thing to keep in mind when creating your mobile marketing campaign is that, precisely because of the fact that people are going to be so excited to receive a text message, you want to make sure that every single message that you do send out is carefully chosen as a piece of information that your customer base will be thrilled to get from you. The last thing you want to have is a customer base for people that become annoyed with you for pestering them with useless text messages!

When done correctly, there is really no substitute for a strong mobile text marketing campaign. Although it does have certain limitations, such as only being able to deliver short messages, when it comes to reach and the enthusiasm of the recipients of the message – mobile text marketing has no equal.

It’s high time that you gave mobile marketing a try to see what it can do for your business.

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Ghaida Eliza is a expert in social media marketing and mobile marketing. She has been working in the industry for more than 5 years and love to share her experience in her writings. She is currently working as a freelance author for Trumpia.

While Apple has not listened to my complaints ...Nokia is known for making beautiful phones, and the latest smartphone offering from Nokia’s Lumia range is the 1020. Stylistically, it’s pretty similar to the previous Lumias, but there are a few new awesome features that you should know about. Because, from a camera you’d never expect to see attached to a smartphone to a wireless charging system, there are some pretty cool things to be learnt about the Nokia Lumia 1020. Here are the top five…

This is the best camera you can find on a smartphone

So, your average smartphone tends to have a four- or eight-megapixel camera, depending upon whether you’re buying a luxury or ‘entertainment’ model. The Nokia Lumia 1020 blows these competitors out of the water by providing a whopping 41-megapixel camera! But, of course, that’s too big for your to put on your Instagram account, so this clever phone also saves a 5 megapixel version for social media purposes. Think of the Lumia 1020 as a camera with a phone attached, rather than the other way around.

And the video’s not too shabby either

Luckily, they didn’t skimp on the video technology, either. The Lumia 1020 offers crisp, clear HD video recording, with up to six times optical zoom without the loss of image quality. Throw in distortion-free, stereo sound that will make you feel like you’re watching your memories live, and you’ll understand why this phone could replace your handycam.

It’s a Windows operating system

Like all of Nokia’s new smartphones, the Lumia 1020 comes with Windows Phone 8. For Apple or Andrioid devotee, this means a different style of menu, based more on lists than icons and with substantially less colour. There are obvious benefits of running Windows on a phone for those who have a PC at home or in the office; think easy syncing to programs like Outlook and Office.

You can charge it without plugging it in

How often have you run out of battery on your phone and forgotten to bring your charger? Or, worse, remembered the damn charger but had no where to plug it in? One of the coolest things about Nokia’s Lumia range are their charging cases. Yep, you read that correctly. They look just like a regular phone case, but when you put them on your phone, it gives its battery a boost. Genius.

The actual hardware has improved

Nokia have listened to customer feedback in order to troubleshoot some of the problems that have faced previous Lumia users. But, more than that, they’ve added in a host of new applications that used to put Nokia’s competitors ahead of the pack. One of these is Nokia Music, an app which the Finnish mobile phone giant anticipates will come to rival Apple’s iTunes.

It’s just so damn beautiful

Perhaps the reason many people will get this phone is purely for aesthetics. The Nokia Lumia 1020 is bright, bold, and stylish at the same time, making it the perfect phone to make you stand out from the crowd.

Frances Ward is a student from Sydney. She was originally planning to rent an iPhone than a Nokia, but after looking into the Lumia 1020, she might need to change her mind.

The failure rate of newcomers to online marketing is quite high, and figures of around 94 percent are often quoted on the Internet. The reasons for these failures are so clear to understand, often relating to the intense curiosity among the newcomers to run in all the directions to get success without doing any solid ground work first. Read on if you want to know what not to do when starting an online business!
* Do not start until you have sufficient money to start your venture. You will need computer, a good website, a good phone system and headset. Printer and fax will also be required. Aside from that, you should keep your eyes glued on sales because this is where your money to grow will come.
* You should avoid chasing everything that comes your way. You know all about “shining object” syndrome as it’s called. You must keep in mind that everybody will tell that their program or idea is the best in the world. For a beginner, everything is quite interesting and chances of getting lost at this stage are quite high. You should choose a high-in-demand niche so that you can start off on a successful note.
* Avoid starting multiple projects without first finishing the one you’ve just started. This can be quite damaging and won’t take you anywhere. This way, you may end up losing your focus completely. Too many projects can lead to paralysis and confusion.

* Don’t allow your curiosity to take over sense of reasoning and start spending on different programs or marketing methods without considering the time you have at disposal to complete the tasks you have at hand.
* Avoid taking first step with online marketing until you are sure about your USP (unique selling point), even if you want to sell online. If you cannot come up with a reason why a customer would choose your product over your competition, then you need to do some serious rethinking!
* Don’t start until you have a detailed plan to generate traffic to your website. As with any business, if you cannot get in customers to your shop, you won’t make any money.
* You should shun get rich quick mentality. When you will first start in your online business, you will see tons of videos, sales pages, and emails promising you good income from day one. As with brick and mortar business, you will have to start from the scratch and move upwards.
Online business is not that difficult, but is also not that easy. You may start with a bang, but without proper guidance you will also fall with a bang! So it would be quite beneficial for you to first go through Empower Network online marketing course that teaches you ins and outs of the game and makes you a master right in the comforts of your home.
In this way, you would be in a much better position to start on a positive note, because “taking action” in the beginning will not only save you time and money, but will also ensure you quick and long lasting success even in this economy.