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A buzzword that flies around the business world happens to be “efficiency”.  What it basically means is that you are getting the most out of both your time and money as an office, with the minimum amount of waste.  There are plenty of ways to maximize your efficiency as a company, including minimizing printing, switching to a PBX phone system, and eliminating time-wasting habits that server no real purpose.  These are all efforts you can take that can help save your company time and money and will help you run your business as smoothly as possible.

Go Digital; Stay Digital (When You Can)

When is the last time you actually wrote something out, besides filling out a form or signing your name?  More often than not, we are typing things out and sending them via e-mail or some file hosting site rather than printing it out.  But businesses are still printing out paper by the ton, even if it’s unnecessary.  Hard copies have become more or less a security blanket for people uncomfortable having merely a digital file as evidence.  Breaking your employees of the habit of printing out unnecessary hard copies can help you save a lot of money during the fiscal year.  Doing away with hard copies doesn’t stop at your paper-printing tendencies, either.  For example, if you work in an ad agency, opt for a digital file of any video you may need.  Not only does it safe the price of a DVD or CD, but it is also better quality.

Making Calls with Ease

The most efficient way to communicate with anyone, whether it is outside of the office or within the office, is still the phone call.  Rather than wasting time waiting around for a reply via e-mail, a simple phone conversation can end a matter in a matter of seconds.  While the phone is naturally efficient, there are ways to make it even more so.  Using a PBX can help maximize efficient communication both within the office and outside of it.  For one, a PBX will allow for simple dialing in the office; rather than having to dial someone’s entire phone number, a call can be made with a simple four-digit extension.  As for outside calls, rather than setting each phone in the office up with an external phone line, which can be expensive, PBX allows for each phone on the network to connect to a smaller amount of outside phone lines.

Identifying Time-Wasting Business Practices

The old saying is “time is money” and one of the more subtle ways of wasting money is by wasting time.  Using up man-hours for business practices that are unnecessary and superfluous can waste both, especially when those people whose time is being taken up have more important things to do.  Excessive meetings that drag are one of the biggest time-wasters in a corporate setting and time spent in this environment should be monitored and changed if it starts to pose a problem.  A meeting that could have been summed up in a short e-mail, for example, is probably left as such.

Being as efficient as possible is the mark of a good business model.  Cutting wasteful spending of both time and money can assure that your bottom line is as healthy as it could possibly be.

David Bloomer is a business man and freelance writer who loves to give his advice

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