English: Mike Hanbery is a professional speake...At the conclusion of the day, all your effort will end up being wasted when you’re not able to fulfill the most basic principle in business: were you able to nurture or create a relationship with potential clients before you’re telling them your pitch?

Today’s marketplace is incredibly competitive because building your own business is fast becoming a trend in all cultures. You can view it negatively or you can try to find an opportunity in it. In today’s business landscape, many businesses lose focus on what’s really important especially with small home based businesses. Most people are more than contended with their strategy of bombarding their prospects with emails, endless sales pitches and advertisements. You can do the same to try to beat them in their own game. However, you have to recognize that people are quickly becoming tired of this approach.

What is becoming clear is that the despise consumers are exhibiting in offline marketing is also at the same level in the online marketplace.

How many times have you walked into a store and its staff approached you in a matter of seconds. While at your side, the staff spews out upsells that seems to endless. This continues even when you’re done asking questions. At this point, instead of being helpful the staff crosses over on becoming pushy and even annoying. If this goes forward, the store will end up with reviews of poor service that will discourage future customers from coming.

On the internet, things would get a lot worse if the same strategy is used. It’s because word spreads much quicker online than offline. Online users could easily search for feedbacks before they make a purchase. In that case, why does so many internet marketers these days employ the same pushy tactics?

When all is said and done, people want to feel important and respected. It’s what each one of us is expecting when we interact with someone. For online marketers, it means that you should be very careful on how you will try to grab your customers’ attention. Taking on an aggressive strategy makes most people feel berated, which does nothing but to drive them away.

You have to keep this in mind more than ever because of the proliferation of social media. Bad service spreads quicker than good ones. Countless companies have folded because their terrible business practices became viral in an instant through social media. You won’t have to spend more than a few minutes trying to look for examples.

Before you engage people on the internet, it’s important for you not to rush things. Never lose focus of building relationship because it’s the same direction the internet is taking. Look up the changes Google implemented in their search engine’s algorithm recently.  Review the practices of businesses that are able to make a profit in social media. You’ll see that they are holding the same secret formula; and that is tailor all their services around relationship building.

If your business does not already have a mobile app, and a mobile friendly website you need to read this article. We are going to discuss the top 3 reasons you need a business mobile app. Even if your business does have a business mobile app you should read this article, you may learn some things you did not already know.

The first Reason you need a Business Mobile App

The first reason your business should have a mobile app is that there are more than six billion registered mobile users worldwide. Six billion people is a big number, by having a mobile app and a mobile friendly website you are making your business available to the billions of people that use mobile devices. For most people, their mobile devices have become a necessity more than a luxury. Most people are never more than an arm’s length away from their mobile device. Many people check their mobile device nearly 100 times or more per day. Another fact you need to keep in mind is that technology keeps moving forward. In the future mobile usage is going to grow. Think about all of the newest technology that has already increased mobile usage: 4G internet, tablets, smartphones, and other mobile technologies are making mobile internet use even more appealing. Consider this fact, 95% of smartphone users say they use their smartphone to search for local businesses, and 90% of the time these users make use of a business they find on their smartphone. If this is the only information available, it is enough to convince any business owner they should have a business mobile app.

Reason Two for having a Business Mobile App

Having a business mobile app will boost your company’s online reputation and your brand recognition. Your online reputation is a measure of how people think of your company’s online presence. This may not sound that important, but to those that access the web through a mobile device, and that number is growing daily, your online reputation is critical. If you have a good online reputation, you will find that more and more people are coming to your mobile website and downloading your business mobile app. News spreads fast over the internet, especially for mobile users. If your business does not have a mobile presence, you do not have the ability to make contact with billions of users all around the globe.

Reason Number Three for having a Business Mobile App

Having a business mobile app and a mobile friendly website will allow your business to satisfy your customers and build relationships with customers. Mobile apps and websites give your company the ability to keep information about your company up-to-date nearly instantly. Mobile apps give you the ability to give and get instant feedback from your customers, you can inform your customers of sales and other specials instantly, and you can do much more with a mobile business app.

As you can see, mobile business apps are a necessity in this modern age of mobile technology. We have given you the top 3 reasons you need a business mobile app, and we have barely scratched the surface of all of the benefits of getting your company mobile. Your business can realize many other benefits by getting into the mobile app and website market. If you are not mobile, and your competitors are, they win, they will gain customers while your customer base remains stagnant or decreases.

No one can deny the fact that social media has gained a lot of popularity and importance in recent years. Social media has been able to create highly interactive platforms using which individuals and communities are able to create, share and discuss about various topics. The first social media site was creates in 1994, but it has only gained popularity in the last few years ever since certain new social media sites came into existence. To gain more information regarding Social Media, click on this link, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_media.

Image representing Social Media Networks as de...

Social Media Marketing

As social media gained popularity, the use of social media networks as a marketing tool became possible. Social media networks attract millions of users to their site and therefore became a pool of potential customers for businesses. This brought about the emergence of social media marketing, which uses social media networks as a marketing platform. Social media marketing is all about social sharing of content, images, videos and other media for marketing. SMM is one of the latest online marketing types used by most businesses around the world to increase their brand image. You can find more information regarding social media marketing here, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_media_marketing.

Social Media for Marketing Goals

Some of the popular goals of using social media for marketing are

  • Website traffic
  • Brand awareness
  • Communicating and interacting with key audiences
  • Conversions
  • Create brand identity
  • Create positive brand association

Tips for using social media site for marketing

Tip #1 Planning

It is important to have a good marketing plan while using social media for marketing. Social media users are very sensitive and any wrong move can seriously damage the brand reputation. Therefore, careful planning of the social media marketing has to be done.

Tip #2 Content

Content is very important in any social media marketing. Ensure that you provide valuable information to the social media users. Create content that is attractive, appealing and informative.

Tip #3 Consistencies in brand image

Social media marketing will involve marketing in various social media networks. It is therefore important to ensure that consistency is maintained while projecting the brand image. The content and language used in the social media networks will have to vary, but ensure that the core identity of the business remains the same throughout.

Tip #4 Blogging

Blogging has profound influence in any type of social media marketing. Blogs that contain valuable content related to your services or products will greatly help in your social media marketing campaign. If your company has a blog, it can be utilized as a social media marketing blog wherein you can display the recent social media efforts you have taken along with information regarding contests and events

Tip #5 Links

Though importance has to be given to providing unique and useful content to the social media users, linking outside articles that provide good information is also a good option. When you link outside sources, it can help build trust and reliability among social media users.

Tip #6 Keep track of your competitors

It is important to keep track of what your competitors are doing. By analyzing your competitors, you will be able to identify valuable data regarding keyword research and strategies used by the competitors in social media networks.

Matthew Anton is a freelance marketing consultant who has successfully used social media as a powerful marketing tool.