Online reputation management is the practice of taking charge of a brand’s reputation on the web. It involves constant monitoring and making sure that the perception of a business stays on the favorable side by boosting positive content and decreasing the visibility of negative content.

reputationOnline reputation management software enables marketers to measure brand recognition, associated value, and generally how well a company is positioned within the online marketplace. What people are saying, and who they are telling, are important things to know. Marketers need to know how consumers are speaking about a brand, whether they like the brand, are disenchanted with your service, praise you or condemn you.

As user generated content (UGC) becomes a more popular way for consumers to learn about products and services, marketers are realizing that it is less their own efforts, and more their fans’ and detractors’, that determine their online success. They need online reputation management software to see where they are succeeding or failing.

Benefits of These Softwares in Business

In the past, we have talked about some of the different tools to measure online reputation management, but these are professional level tools that many social media and marketing agencies use in their social media monitoring efforts.

Radian6 is one of the premiere online reputation management tools available, looking at more than 150 million public sources and networks, like blogs, comments, forums, mainstream news, photos, and videos. They also check Facebook and Twitter for mentions of your company’s brand and keywords.

This online brand management tool examines specific social media metrics of the people talking about you, including Twitter count, comment count, media type, and even sentiment of the messages. Radian6 enables you to create your own online reputation management dashboard, to monitor and report on social media conversations about your brand. Radian6 has access to 30 days of past conversations, although you can archive each month’s data once you start tracking your online brand reputation.


There are plenty of websites where people can share other content to other people. YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter all come to mind when it comes to those things. However, another website that does this is SoundCloud but it focuses on a specific niche: audio tracks. If you are a frequent user of social media websites such as Facebook or Twitter, you have no doubt stumbled upon a post that a friend of yours have uploaded a song on SoundCloud or that someone you know has listened to a song on the website. This is what makes SoundCloud extremely useful as it has very deep integration with various social media websites which makes it easy to spread your songs around. However, if you really want to tap into that power, then perhaps you buy SoundCloud plays.

What Will I get if I Buy?

To understand the advantages of buying, it is useful to first understand how a person becomes popular in SoundCloud. The users of SoundCloud are mostly music aficionados that enjoy listening to or creating music. Here you can find tons of covers and original songs made by users such as yourself. When people look for a specific song or cover, they search for the song’s title and user uploads will be displayed. It is displayed in such a way that the more popular songs are on top since there are likely of the better quality; if a lot of people played the song, then it’s probably good. However, this poses a problem for newcomers since they will likely get drowned by those that came in first. Of course it isn’t a problem if you were one of the first people to cover the song, but with the staggering amount of user uploads, it would be difficult to get a head start. That is why it is important for you to buy SoundCloud plays since it does give you that head start to pull away from other people.

Why Should I Buy?

So in the end you will be getting more plays for your songs compared to other people. So what’s so exciting about that? For the ordinary users, not so much; however, a lot of aspiring musicians have begun using the website as a means to promote their songs or to become famous enough to land a recording deal. This is where it becomes really advantageous to buy SoundCloud plays as having an edge among the myriads of aspiring singers is a big deal.

Also, a lot of the YouTube celebrities that do covers of songs and sing their originals are getting paid doing that. So if they can further increase their popularity to get even more people to view their YouTube channel, then it all becomes worth it.

Moreover, since SoundCloud is deeply integrated with social media websites, people can see if their friends listen to your songs and this in turn will generate interest which will spiral up to even more plays thus increasing your popularity even more. doesn’t want more and more people on their followers list on Twitter? The answer to that is, everyone wants more followers not only on Twitter, but also on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook, etc. below are 5 dead easy tips on how to buy Twitter followers.

Have a good profile and cover photo for your Twitter profile

There are hundreds of thousands of fake ID’s or spammers on Twitter today. And most of them don’t bother to put a profile picture or cover photo. Therefore, the first step for you is to put a clear photograph of yourself so that you are not mistaken to be a spammer. Most people who have some knowledge of social sites will think that you are a dummy account that is used to buy Twitter followers.

Have your Twitter bio correct and interesting

Whenever someone thinks of following you, he/she will go through your Twitter bio, so keep it real and fill everything. Fill it correct and interesting. Because, people will think before following you that if your tweets are fine to be on their wall.

Don’t tweet excessively

This is one of the key elements to keep in mind. Do not tweet very much. Even celebrities who tweet too much are most likely unfollowed from Twitter.

Take a different approach

If you have some money to spend, you can consult a web site specializing in selling Twitter followers and buy Twitter followers. However, keep in mind not to buy followers that are just dummy accounts. There are also websites that sell active Twitter followers. These followers don’t come very cheap but also don’t come very expensive. It is wise to first buy a handful amount because then you will get more followers automatically through them.

Spread your Twitter account URL at some places

Spread your Twitter URL around the place. You can also use other social networking sites such as Facebook fan page and personal account. Many other places such as your website and other things can also bear your Twitter URL.

In addition, some other approaches such as you should be good on Twitter, do not make tweets like the one made by Justine Sacco that made headlines worldwide. People do not want to have their walls to accept some bad or non-meaningful tweets. So, keep in mind to stay clean, don’t be too active on Twitter and put real and interesting Twitter bio and yes, don’t embarrass or post negative tweets about anyone.

You may have heard about the relatively new phenomenon of mobile text message marketing. In fact, if you have not heard of it, then it’s high time that you do! Mobile devices are the wave of the future when it comes to marketing your brand online. Mobile text message marketing has many advantages and benefits when it comes to getting your message out to your existing customer base, and even when it comes to spreading your Brands to people that have never heard of you before.

Text Message Marketing

In this day and age, if you are serious about your marketing efforts, then you will allocate at least a portion of your marketing budget to mobile text marketing.

So how does mobile marketing actually work?

– The Logistics Of Mobile Text Message Marketing
First, clients opt in to a text message marketing system by texting a certain keyword to your business’ individualized code or the technical term is short code. After that, clients will receive the mobile marketing messages that your business sends out to them, until such time as they choose to unsubscribe.

– What Kinds Of Messages Can You Get Out To Your Customer Base Through Mobile Text Marketing?
Really, any kind of message can be sent out via mobile text message. Popular messages that businesses choose to send out include news that customers would be interested in or need to know, and deals and bargains that they can get. Also, any website content that a business owner wants to drive traffic to can be sent out via a mobile message.

– The Benefits Of Mobile Text Message Marketing
There are two distinct benefits to mobile marketing, and that is the amount of people that your business will reach and how excited those people will be to receive your message. Even when people ignore the majority of their emails, they religiously check every single text message. In fact, studies have shown time and time again that mobile messages have a far superior open rate the emails. In fact, there is no comparison. When it comes to reach and engagement, mobile marketing really has no equal.

– What Kind Of Experience Do You Want To Give To Your Customers?
One thing to keep in mind when creating your mobile marketing campaign is that, precisely because of the fact that people are going to be so excited to receive a text message, you want to make sure that every single message that you do send out is carefully chosen as a piece of information that your customer base will be thrilled to get from you. The last thing you want to have is a customer base for people that become annoyed with you for pestering them with useless text messages!

When done correctly, there is really no substitute for a strong mobile text marketing campaign. Although it does have certain limitations, such as only being able to deliver short messages, when it comes to reach and the enthusiasm of the recipients of the message – mobile text marketing has no equal.

It’s high time that you gave mobile marketing a try to see what it can do for your business.

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Ghaida Eliza is a expert in social media marketing and mobile marketing. She has been working in the industry for more than 5 years and love to share her experience in her writings. She is currently working as a freelance author for Trumpia.

As you may have noticed, nowadays mobile devices are not only used for texting and calling. This is due to technological advancements that have rapidly transformed them into mini computers. This also promoted people to be creative and innovative where they started developing mobile apps. The apps can be used on almost all the features o f the mobile device. These can be downloaded easily either from Google play or Apple store depending on the Operating System you are using. They have slowly taken over in a number of forums such as:
Sharing information
Mobile apps have changed how information is shared between individuals. Instead of the more generic and open sites, they have transformed information sharing into a limited, exclusive and closed experience. Soon the world will start seeing less of web users as people turn to their mobile devices. Online users are now taking advantage of tablets, smartphones and other portable devices to get all the information they are looking for. You can access apps for news, banking, travelling, games, stores, weather and restaurants among many others. Apps developers are not sleeping on the job as they keep introducing more and more into the market.
Socializing and networking
There are a number of apps that can be used or socializing as well as networking. This is where people can use apps like Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and Waptrick among many others. Some of these apps allow people to meet other people with whom they have shared interests. This is also good for business as there are a number of companies who develop marketing campaigns that are posted on such platforms to get more customers and maximize on profits. These also provide cheaper platforms for keeping in touch with friends and family which helps individuals to save a lot of money at the end of the day.
Nowadays it is possible to get all your shopping done using the mobile apps. Amazon for one encourages shoppers to make use of the applications before making the final purchase. This allows a person to compare different rates to get the one that suits their pocket best. This is very convenient and also helps to save on costs as well. It also helps people to get the items they are looking or without too many complications. This implies that shopping can be done anywhere as long as you have your mobile device.
Mobile apps have also taken entertainment to a whole new level. It is now possible to stream film services like Hulu and Netlix and TV among many others. This means that users get to stay on top of things regardless of where they are with the use of their mobile device. There are also thousands if not millions of games that a person can keep busy with when waiting for something and have extra time.
It is also possible to keep the phone safe from malware though the numerous antivirus apps. To find the app that you are looking for all you have to do is visit the market and get it for free or pay a small price to enjoy using the app.

Email marketing offers an effective way to market any business. If you plan to utilize email marketing campaigns to interact with customers and possibly get new clients, then there is a need to build your subscribers’ list. Even though there are questionable techniques to gain subscribers, the most efficient means to grow the subscribers is through genuine and organic interest and close interaction with customers. Here are 5 ways to grow your email marketing subscribers.
Run a Contest
Promotions or contests greatly encourage potential subscribers to opt-in to an email list. Make sign-up as part of the entry requirements of the contest. You can even offer new subscribers an opportunity to share this contest with their friends in order to get more entries.
Remember that it is vital to post the contest’s rules to ensure clarity concerning the addition of the entrants to your email list. Moreover, state the frequency with which you will be sending messages along with the nature of the contents that you will send.
Use the Social Media
In case you are a social media buff, using your active social presence in spreading your email marketing campaigns is an ideal way of generating email list signups. You could post or tweet or share links to the sign up. Take it a step further and create custom landing pages which you could link to from a social network profile and then promote any activity which brings visitors to the page.
Go Offline
Whenever you speak at small business conferences or any in-person event, there is a great chance for requesting the participants to subscribe to the email list. Spread the sign-up sheet so as to encourage your audience to sign up.
You may add a link to the opt-in form on the business cards or any printed marketing material to show that you possess a newsletter and other mailings that people may sign up for.
Give Aways
Generally, people like free things. If you offer free gifts to people who join your email list, you will certainly grow your subscribers. So offer something. They can offer some information in exchange for a certain product or content.
Ensure you provide something with a genuine value such as e-course or free eBook. The question on the mind of most visitors whenever they are called upon to subscribe is “What is there for me after subscribing?”
On the same note, most people like being members of exclusive clubs. So provide subscribers within your list with something unique. Exclusive content is similar to free stuff, except that it is reserved for special readers who complete a specific task that you request them to.
Include it in your email signature
The email signature offers an efficient way to market products or services. Even though one may not prefer to make the whole signature marketing focused, the addition of one or two lines plus a request for a sign up action in the list could be a perfect means of maximizing the marketing tools which you use on a daily basis.

If you have a home business, you’re probably trying to find ways to promote it and help it grow. There are proven methods used by businesses throughout the world to increase the success of their companies, no matter what product or service they provide. These are the main reasons why your home business will thrive this year.

You’re going to focus your attention on just one product or service

While it can be tempting to diversify, your home business is probably going to be spread too thin. It’s less risky and much more profitable to pick just one product or service that you do very well and then work on marketing and selling that item. Find out what your home business does well and then focus on that. Work on unique ways to market it such as using a personal car as an advertising tool. It’s going to be much easier to produce a quality product when you are free to focus your attention in a specific area.

You’re going to find ways to effectively increase sales to existing customers

As most seasoned businesses know, it’s much easier to keep a current customer, than get a new one. However, if you’re struggling to find new customers, you can increase your revenues by selling a larger amount of your current product or service by offering volume discounts. If you sell a product that is inexpensive to produce, giving buy one, get one 50% off gives you significantly more sales without giving up much profit. You may also want to give customers a punch card which rewards them to either a free product or service for every ten or so items they buy.

You’re going to join up with a related business

Partnering with another company in a similar field is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to effectively market your business. For example, if you offer spa products, you may be able to talk a local exercise and health club into carrying them by offering it at a discount for members. Also, you can send free one-day passes to the health club when someone buys your products. Partnering is not only easy, it’s a good way to encourage repeat customers and build your client base. If you offer products or services, find another company that it would be mutually beneficial to partner with and work with them to create deals where both companies will reap the benefits.

You’re going to target other groups

If you currently sell to teenagers, try marketing your business to college students or young people. If you currently sell to primarily working mothers, you might be able to make your product work for stay-at-home mothers. You may also be able to take a product and sell it for a discounted price. For example, a catering business which specializes in baked goods may also be able to sell its products through local bakeries on a discounted basis. While your overall profits are going to be lowered with this strategy, you’ll have a more consistent cash flow.

You’re going to find different methods to market your business

Marketing doesn’t have to cost a lot of money and many people overlook the marketing opportunities available to them. Grassroots marketing techniques are a tried and true way of increasing your influence. Most community groups are willing to provide a time period to local business owners who are willing to share their business strategies. You also may be able to lead a class or workshop in the community, not only providing a service, but also promoting your business at the same time. It doesn’t have to be a flashy class, but many people who are interested in starting their own businesses will want to learn more about how you started yours. Lead an engaging talk and you’ll not only have a great marketing experience, the people who attend your talk will share your business with their friends and family.

These are the main ways that you’re going to be able to increase your business success in the next year. With a small overhead cost, most home businesses can be successful. Knowing how to promote and run your business with low cost marketing techniques is a key to success and by using these highly recommended methods, you’re going to see greater profits and sales in the following year.

FacebookIf you already have a Facebook business page but you’re not getting the attention or the fans that you want, you may need to redesign it.  The person who created the page may not have known how to set it up or perhaps you are just rebranding and you want to make some upgrades.  Whatever the reason, there are some things you can do to make your Facebook business page a success.  The following are just a few ways that you can redesign your Facebook page.

Setting the Category

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make is not setting the proper category and sub category for the business type.  If you do not want to start from scratch, you can always make this change directly from your business page.  Just click on edit page and then select the basic information link which will allow you to change your business’ category and the sub category.  Make sure you use the one that is the closest to what your company offers.  If you choose the wrong category, when people search they won’t be able to find you and your SEO efforts may not be realized.

Changing Your Wall Preferences

The default wall preference for business pages is everyone which means that anyone can make a post on your wall whether it is positive or negative.  You may not want to allow this on your page so it is best to set this preference to only allow posts from your administrators.  To do this, you want to go to manage permissions and choose the posts by page only.  This means that you have control over what is posted and nobody can either troll your page and your competitors cannot spam your page.  If you don’t care who posts on your page then you can certainly leave it as everyone can post.

Managing Your Content

You do want your fans to be able to comment on your posts but you may not want them to have free reign.  For instance, you may not want profanity on your business page and this is highly acceptable.  Not everyone who is commenting may appreciate this type of profanity and unless you are buying your likes, you don’t want to lose any fans.  In order to set your profanity blocks, you just go to edit page and manage permissions.  There is a tab that offers you no blocks, medium blocks which only block the really bad words and strong blocks that block any type of profanity at all.

It is not difficult to redesign your Facebook page and you don’t even have to start from scratch to do it.  By simply making a few changes, you can have a completely new business page that your fans will enjoy more.  Make sure that you are in the right category and manage who can and cannot post on your page and finally, manage your content by only allowing the level of profanity that you want your fans to use.

Renee Smith has been writing for five years and is well versed in social media and how to use it to promote businesses.

Handset configuration can cause problems sendi...

Handset configuration can cause problems sending and receiving MMS messages. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A buzzword that flies around the business world happens to be “efficiency”.  What it basically means is that you are getting the most out of both your time and money as an office, with the minimum amount of waste.  There are plenty of ways to maximize your efficiency as a company, including minimizing printing, switching to a PBX phone system, and eliminating time-wasting habits that server no real purpose.  These are all efforts you can take that can help save your company time and money and will help you run your business as smoothly as possible.

Go Digital; Stay Digital (When You Can)

When is the last time you actually wrote something out, besides filling out a form or signing your name?  More often than not, we are typing things out and sending them via e-mail or some file hosting site rather than printing it out.  But businesses are still printing out paper by the ton, even if it’s unnecessary.  Hard copies have become more or less a security blanket for people uncomfortable having merely a digital file as evidence.  Breaking your employees of the habit of printing out unnecessary hard copies can help you save a lot of money during the fiscal year.  Doing away with hard copies doesn’t stop at your paper-printing tendencies, either.  For example, if you work in an ad agency, opt for a digital file of any video you may need.  Not only does it safe the price of a DVD or CD, but it is also better quality.

Making Calls with Ease

The most efficient way to communicate with anyone, whether it is outside of the office or within the office, is still the phone call.  Rather than wasting time waiting around for a reply via e-mail, a simple phone conversation can end a matter in a matter of seconds.  While the phone is naturally efficient, there are ways to make it even more so.  Using a PBX can help maximize efficient communication both within the office and outside of it.  For one, a PBX will allow for simple dialing in the office; rather than having to dial someone’s entire phone number, a call can be made with a simple four-digit extension.  As for outside calls, rather than setting each phone in the office up with an external phone line, which can be expensive, PBX allows for each phone on the network to connect to a smaller amount of outside phone lines.

Identifying Time-Wasting Business Practices

The old saying is “time is money” and one of the more subtle ways of wasting money is by wasting time.  Using up man-hours for business practices that are unnecessary and superfluous can waste both, especially when those people whose time is being taken up have more important things to do.  Excessive meetings that drag are one of the biggest time-wasters in a corporate setting and time spent in this environment should be monitored and changed if it starts to pose a problem.  A meeting that could have been summed up in a short e-mail, for example, is probably left as such.

Being as efficient as possible is the mark of a good business model.  Cutting wasteful spending of both time and money can assure that your bottom line is as healthy as it could possibly be.

David Bloomer is a business man and freelance writer who loves to give his advice