Online reputation management is the practice of taking charge of a brand’s reputation on the web. It involves constant monitoring and making sure that the perception of a business stays on the favorable side by boosting positive content and decreasing the visibility of negative content.

reputationOnline reputation management software enables marketers to measure brand recognition, associated value, and generally how well a company is positioned within the online marketplace. What people are saying, and who they are telling, are important things to know. Marketers need to know how consumers are speaking about a brand, whether they like the brand, are disenchanted with your service, praise you or condemn you.

As user generated content (UGC) becomes a more popular way for consumers to learn about products and services, marketers are realizing that it is less their own efforts, and more their fans’ and detractors’, that determine their online success. They need online reputation management software to see where they are succeeding or failing.

Benefits of These Softwares in Business

In the past, we have talked about some of the different tools to measure online reputation management, but these are professional level tools that many social media and marketing agencies use in their social media monitoring efforts.

Radian6 is one of the premiere online reputation management tools available, looking at more than 150 million public sources and networks, like blogs, comments, forums, mainstream news, photos, and videos. They also check Facebook and Twitter for mentions of your company’s brand and keywords.

This online brand management tool examines specific social media metrics of the people talking about you, including Twitter count, comment count, media type, and even sentiment of the messages. Radian6 enables you to create your own online reputation management dashboard, to monitor and report on social media conversations about your brand. Radian6 has access to 30 days of past conversations, although you can archive each month’s data once you start tracking your online brand reputation.


Marketing on Twitter is now being widely practiced by most of the popular companies in the world. As this online platform gives wider exposure, a little misuse of its provisions can cause serious setbacks to the business.

In case, you are thinking of entering Twitter, you should follow the below mentioned doesn’t have fruitful Twitter marketing experience.

What not to do when marketing your business on Twitter

1. Be casual

Your company’s Twitter account should have a professional look. Open the account in your name or in your company’s name. Your tweets should always have information related to your company. It does not mean that you should always post promotional tweets, but tweeting about matters, which are unrelated to your business, will divert the attention. People should feel that reading your tweets would give them knowledge about your company. Hence, keep your tweets informative and the tone professional.

2. Create multiple accounts of the same genre

Creating accounts for each of your products will confuse people. Moreover, you will have to put extra efforts to manage each account. Rather, you should focus on having a single account for all your products.

In case, you sell different kinds of products then having separate Twitter accounts is fine. Similarly, you can have an account, which would handle the customer service.

Ensure that all of your accounts are working fine and not compromising your online reputation.

3. Ignore people

Whenever someone retweets your tweets, sends a message, or replies to you, it becomes important for you to respond to the person. Responding will be evidence that your company’s tweet account is managed by a person and not by a bot. Your response will be an encouragement for the people to retweet your company tweets.

4. Follow everyone

Do not just follow everyone as a rule. Use your discretion. You will be able to get maximum advantage from Twitter by following those who matter to your business. There is no point in following spammers or those who have no interest or concern with what your brand is all about.

When you seek out people to follow, keep your interests and goal in mind. If someone initiates a connection, do not restrict to just follow them. Say hello or thanks to them so that your personal interest in engaging them is quite clear.

5. Use poor English

Remember, tweets from your company account are responsible for building your online reputation. Usage of poor language will create a negative image about your company. When you are trying to build a substantial relationship with your customers, you have to sound sincere. Grammatical and spelling errors in your tweets will erode your credibility.

Hence, do not write your tweets in upper case. It is a very effective tip about what not to do when marketing your business on Twitter. Follow the rules of English writing, spelling, and grammar.

Lastly, always proofread the tweets before making them live.
Spamming your followers

Too much self-promotion in your tweets will generate negative response. In fact, you will lose followers if you paste links leading to your website very frequently. Though you can buy Twitter followers, maintaining their number is equally important.

You should also post links to other interesting information that you come across on the internet. Be sure to share your thoughts and ask about the thoughts of your followers. Do not just paste any link. It should always be accompanied by your opinions.

The things that can be done online are evolving. These include searches, reverse searches, search engine optimization (SEO) and online reputation management (ORM). Up to a few years ago, ORM was something that an SEO practitioner would do for specific clients. Nowadays, ORM has its own set of skills, tools and the dedicated professionals. Along the way reputation management software has also evolved to be more all-encompassing, and gives immediate results due to continuous monitoring for ORM purposes.

When ORM started out, it was a one-way street without adequately using social media. When a person or company wanted to maintain a good reputation, he resorted to search engines. The aim of early ORM was to keep bad press and publicity from getting to the first page of searches. The objective was simple but the work was not easy. ORM at the time used the same techniques and strategies which were used by SEO, including back linking and profile creations. Due to the tools and strategies used, the results were not immediate. It took at least two months before there were any appreciable changes on the search engine results pages (SERP).

Today’s reputation management has gotten far more advanced and has also moved away from contemporary SEO strategies. Even as SEO strategies and work flows have changed, reputation management emphasis has also changed. The most important consideration for today’s ORM is immediacy. The other is social media. Reputation management has less to do with searches, and more in line with social media interactions. As an example, an establishment’s reputation is usually given as a comment on social media. A customer could comment on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+, Yelp, Foursquare, or some other social networking or social media website. It can even be a blog on WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal, or even on a forum. Customers more often than not would give comments, whether good or bad, on social media.

If a restaurant were using a reputation management software, it would know immediately if a customer was satisfied or not with the food or services. The reputation management team can then give a rebuttal, or a spin on the comment. For positive comments, they can re-blog these, or post them on some other social media, or on their own website. This serves as a testimonial. In the case of negative publicity, they can instigate strategies to bury these comments where they are not visible. Alternatively, they can use the comments to do better next time.

My Twitter and The City Streets of Tokyo

For internet marketing, Twitter has become an important tool in getting customers. This has made it an important niche business on its own. Internet marketers know the importance of having a lot of initial followers on Twitter. Although they would like to have an organically grown follower base, it would be better for the business to have a large number of initial followers. For them, buying Twitter followers is the first option.

The search results are a mix of articles outlining not only the methods used in buying Twitter followers but also the reasons why anyone would want to buy Twitter followers. There are a lot of ads on the internet offering this service. There are also different levels or variations and the number of Twitter followers that can be bought.

Some services offer 24 hour delivery, or a five year guarantee, while still others scale their fees according to the number of followers you want to buy. There is a lot of variations and a wide range in pricing. There is definitely a package which is affordable at any budget.

the internet has become a competitive marketplace and Twitter is one of those tools and venues where the customers congregate. One benefit social networking is that it is the internet user’s choice whether to like a post, or to follow an account. The internet user keeps in touch and updated with the posts and feed on that account he follows. This voluntary nature of following an account makes for a captive audience. It is the internet marketer’s fault if he loses a follower. Although the truth is that an internet user will probably unfollow for any of a number of reasons, and sometimes for no reason at all.

Because there is always the possibility of losing followers, the internet marketer has to make sure that his Twitter account is interesting, and that it continues to create a following. A Twitter account with no activity is bound to lose followers. A wrong post or something antagonistic or controversial will definitely lose followers. Sometimes posting an innocuous song can also lose followers. As mentioned above, even if a Twitter account is supposed to have followers with a certain characteristic, there is still no accounting for taste. You cannot satisfy everyone.

Maintaining a competitive Twitter account is going to be hard work. There has to be a continuous stream of posts, it has to be interesting to the right followers, and then the Twitter account has to make the followers buy. This cannot be done too quickly, it has to be with finesse and a lot of patience. Followers will not click on a link to buy something without any reason. They have to be coaxed into buying. This entails engaging the followers into making a decision. It is interesting that you can have a buy link scheduled at regular intervals just in case a follower would want to buy at an odd time.

There are plenty of websites where people can share other content to other people. YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter all come to mind when it comes to those things. However, another website that does this is SoundCloud but it focuses on a specific niche: audio tracks. If you are a frequent user of social media websites such as Facebook or Twitter, you have no doubt stumbled upon a post that a friend of yours have uploaded a song on SoundCloud or that someone you know has listened to a song on the website. This is what makes SoundCloud extremely useful as it has very deep integration with various social media websites which makes it easy to spread your songs around. However, if you really want to tap into that power, then perhaps you buy SoundCloud plays.

What Will I get if I Buy?

To understand the advantages of buying, it is useful to first understand how a person becomes popular in SoundCloud. The users of SoundCloud are mostly music aficionados that enjoy listening to or creating music. Here you can find tons of covers and original songs made by users such as yourself. When people look for a specific song or cover, they search for the song’s title and user uploads will be displayed. It is displayed in such a way that the more popular songs are on top since there are likely of the better quality; if a lot of people played the song, then it’s probably good. However, this poses a problem for newcomers since they will likely get drowned by those that came in first. Of course it isn’t a problem if you were one of the first people to cover the song, but with the staggering amount of user uploads, it would be difficult to get a head start. That is why it is important for you to buy SoundCloud plays since it does give you that head start to pull away from other people.

Why Should I Buy?

So in the end you will be getting more plays for your songs compared to other people. So what’s so exciting about that? For the ordinary users, not so much; however, a lot of aspiring musicians have begun using the website as a means to promote their songs or to become famous enough to land a recording deal. This is where it becomes really advantageous to buy SoundCloud plays as having an edge among the myriads of aspiring singers is a big deal.

Also, a lot of the YouTube celebrities that do covers of songs and sing their originals are getting paid doing that. So if they can further increase their popularity to get even more people to view their YouTube channel, then it all becomes worth it.

Moreover, since SoundCloud is deeply integrated with social media websites, people can see if their friends listen to your songs and this in turn will generate interest which will spiral up to even more plays thus increasing your popularity even more. doesn’t want more and more people on their followers list on Twitter? The answer to that is, everyone wants more followers not only on Twitter, but also on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook, etc. below are 5 dead easy tips on how to buy Twitter followers.

Have a good profile and cover photo for your Twitter profile

There are hundreds of thousands of fake ID’s or spammers on Twitter today. And most of them don’t bother to put a profile picture or cover photo. Therefore, the first step for you is to put a clear photograph of yourself so that you are not mistaken to be a spammer. Most people who have some knowledge of social sites will think that you are a dummy account that is used to buy Twitter followers.

Have your Twitter bio correct and interesting

Whenever someone thinks of following you, he/she will go through your Twitter bio, so keep it real and fill everything. Fill it correct and interesting. Because, people will think before following you that if your tweets are fine to be on their wall.

Don’t tweet excessively

This is one of the key elements to keep in mind. Do not tweet very much. Even celebrities who tweet too much are most likely unfollowed from Twitter.

Take a different approach

If you have some money to spend, you can consult a web site specializing in selling Twitter followers and buy Twitter followers. However, keep in mind not to buy followers that are just dummy accounts. There are also websites that sell active Twitter followers. These followers don’t come very cheap but also don’t come very expensive. It is wise to first buy a handful amount because then you will get more followers automatically through them.

Spread your Twitter account URL at some places

Spread your Twitter URL around the place. You can also use other social networking sites such as Facebook fan page and personal account. Many other places such as your website and other things can also bear your Twitter URL.

In addition, some other approaches such as you should be good on Twitter, do not make tweets like the one made by Justine Sacco that made headlines worldwide. People do not want to have their walls to accept some bad or non-meaningful tweets. So, keep in mind to stay clean, don’t be too active on Twitter and put real and interesting Twitter bio and yes, don’t embarrass or post negative tweets about anyone.

BC 251 - Video Production 2012Your YouTube marketing campaigns need to be treated with a lot of caution if you want them to be successful. It is important to make sure a lot of effort is put in towards their creation so that they can deliver the desired effects on the target market as well as other viewers. Some of the most effective ways that can be applied to improve the marketing strategies include:

Create high quality videos

While this may seem like an obvious step, upload substandard videos on YouTube thus end very many people up becoming unsuccessful. You don’t have to be a professional video producer to evaluate a good video from a bad one. In the production process, all the shots taken should be stable and clear while lighting should be manipulated in the right way to come up with a top-notch video. A great video should be fun, interesting and compelling to watch giving viewers all the relevant information, they need in a clear and precise manner. If you are not able to come up with such a video, it is better to invest in professional help to be on the safe side.

Make the videos easy to find

Once you are done creating the incredible video, the next step is to make sure that the rest of the world can access it easily. Think about the keywords that will make your video popularity and use of them so that it can be found easily. This way, when you start getting some YouTube views, embeds and ratings the video can make it on universal search engines like Google making it easier for people to understand it. Always remember to use the word “video” after the most important keyword as most people usually use this word when looking for videos.

Share the video with all your friends

One of the most effective ways to improve your YouTube marketing is through word of mouth. Telling all your friends about your latest video and requesting them to tell their friends can help the video become viral which is very good for business. It is also advisable to share the video on popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. You can even place the videos on popular blogs in a bid to garner more viewers. It is also advisable to put up the video as a reply of other related videos on YouTube. You can also require people to subscribe to your videos so that they can always be in the loop.

Use YouTube insights

You can take advantage of YouTube insights such as Facebook Insights and Google Analytics that normally provide users with important feedback on the performance of your marketing efforts. Study the videos that you have already uploaded and have gained the most comments and views to see if there is a pattern arising. If you discover that there is a pattern, try and focus more on it as this shows that this is what your viewers are for.

In essence, what you really need to do to improve your YouTube marketing is to create top-notch videos that are interesting and share them widely.

English: Mike Hanbery is a professional speake...At the conclusion of the day, all your effort will end up being wasted when you’re not able to fulfill the most basic principle in business: were you able to nurture or create a relationship with potential clients before you’re telling them your pitch?

Today’s marketplace is incredibly competitive because building your own business is fast becoming a trend in all cultures. You can view it negatively or you can try to find an opportunity in it. In today’s business landscape, many businesses lose focus on what’s really important especially with small home based businesses. Most people are more than contended with their strategy of bombarding their prospects with emails, endless sales pitches and advertisements. You can do the same to try to beat them in their own game. However, you have to recognize that people are quickly becoming tired of this approach.

What is becoming clear is that the despise consumers are exhibiting in offline marketing is also at the same level in the online marketplace.

How many times have you walked into a store and its staff approached you in a matter of seconds. While at your side, the staff spews out upsells that seems to endless. This continues even when you’re done asking questions. At this point, instead of being helpful the staff crosses over on becoming pushy and even annoying. If this goes forward, the store will end up with reviews of poor service that will discourage future customers from coming.

On the internet, things would get a lot worse if the same strategy is used. It’s because word spreads much quicker online than offline. Online users could easily search for feedbacks before they make a purchase. In that case, why does so many internet marketers these days employ the same pushy tactics?

When all is said and done, people want to feel important and respected. It’s what each one of us is expecting when we interact with someone. For online marketers, it means that you should be very careful on how you will try to grab your customers’ attention. Taking on an aggressive strategy makes most people feel berated, which does nothing but to drive them away.

You have to keep this in mind more than ever because of the proliferation of social media. Bad service spreads quicker than good ones. Countless companies have folded because their terrible business practices became viral in an instant through social media. You won’t have to spend more than a few minutes trying to look for examples.

Before you engage people on the internet, it’s important for you not to rush things. Never lose focus of building relationship because it’s the same direction the internet is taking. Look up the changes Google implemented in their search engine’s algorithm recently.  Review the practices of businesses that are able to make a profit in social media. You’ll see that they are holding the same secret formula; and that is tailor all their services around relationship building.

Have you been marketing on twitter with little or no success? If yes, then you should know that you are not alone. In deed, there are many marketers who spend a lot of time trying to market on twitter but have nothing good to show for it. The reason behind this is not that twitter bad; in fact, twitter is one of the best platforms for marketers to increase their sales. However, what you need to know is that it can only be possible to achieve your dreams if you know how to do it right. Here are 5 simple ways to get more from your twitter marketing efforts.

Get more followers

Every marketer knows that one of the things that need to be done in order to achieve better results is to make sure that your marketing messages reach as many people as possible. With regard to twitter, that can only mean that you should get more people to follow you. If your statists show that ten percent of the people who see your tweets always buy from you, then you can be sure that if the followers increase, that percentage will represent more buyers for you.

Choose the right followers

Apart from having many followers, you should know that not every follower will be interested in what you are marketing. The trick in this situation is to try and get the followers who can support your campaign and help you to succeed. Do not just go for anyone that you find on this social networking platform.

Tweet regularly

Even if you get a million followers, they will not be useful to you if you do not keep tweeting. There are people who have many followers but are dormant and therefore, the followers assume that they are not serious about what they are doing. However, if they keep reading your tweets, they will develop an interest in your marketing campaigns and will therefore be more likely to coke to you.

Post quality tweets

Another important thing that is likely to make twitter marketing a success is the kind of tweets that you send. Make sure that you use a language that your targeted followers can relate to. For instance, if you buy twitter followers, then they will only keep following you if they like what they read from you. Do not just post anything because you want to be consistent. In as much as tweeting regularly pays, you have to send messages that add value to your campaign.

Link your twitter account to other social networks

If you are on other social networks, then you can improve the results that you get from twitter marketing if you link the accounts. It is a very simple process that will not even take a couple of minutes. After that, your tweets will be shown on the other networks and they therefore will be seen by more people than those on twitter alone. Twitter is a good marketing place for those who have what it takes to succeed.

One of the most common questions bloggers have is “How do I make money with my blog”. There are actually many different ways to make money with a blog, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

The vast majority of successful blogs involve more than one monetization strategy. Each of these adds another income stream, which will make your earnings much more stable overall. Below you will find 8 ways to make money with your blog.

#1 Ask for Donations

It doesn’t get much simpler than asking for donations. If people enjoy the content that you’re producing some will be more than happy to pay a small donation to support your blog. You shouldn’t expect to get rich from a donation button but it can help to pay for some of your basic costs such as hosting.

To create a donations button first register for a Paypal account. Then in the merchant services, select the create button option. Next select the donate link and take the code that is provided and add it to your blog.

#2 Sell Merchandise

T-Shirts, mugs and other branded merchandise can be a good way to make some money while promoting your site. Selling customized merchandise is actually relatively simple thanks to sites such as Zazzle and CafePress. Both of these sites allow you to upload designs, which can then be added to a huge range of items. These sites will also process your orders and ship your branded merchandise to your blogs fans. In exchange for this service Zazzle and CafePress take a percentage of the sale.

#3 Banner Advertising

Banner advertising is one of the most common ways people make money with their blogs. The idea is simple; you add a rectangular advertisement to your site. If a visitor clicks on that ad they will be redirected to the advertiser’s site. You can approach potential advertisers directly or alternatively you can use one of the ad networks below:

• BannerAdNetwork
• BannerSpace
• ValueClick
• BuySellAds
• Majon International

#4 Create a Digital Product

Creating a digital product such an eBook or a video course is one of the most profitable ways to monetize your website. Digital products have very high profit margins, require no shipping or storage and allow you to attract affiliates. Digital marketplaces such as:

• Clickbank
• eJunkie
• Plimus

Will facilitate payment for your product, manage your affiliate program and provide download links for your customers.

#5 Become An Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is where you promote another persons product and if a person buys that product as a result of your recommendation, you receive a commission. Some of the advantages of affiliate marketing include not having to handle customer service, you don’t need to create a product and successful products have a proven sales funnel. Some of the most popular affiliate networks include:

• Commission Junction
• MarketHealth
• Clickbank
• Share a Sale

#6 Cost Per Action (CPA)

Cost per action (CPA) is similar to affiliate marketing, but in order for you to get paid you are not required to make a sale. Typically the person that you refer must complete some action, such as completing a short form, in order for you to get paid. is a great place to find CPA offers organized by industry, payout and lead type. No matter what niche your blog is in, you should be able to find an appropriate CPA offer on the site.

#7 Add a Membership Site

Adding a membership site to your blog, is a more advanced way of making money, but it can also be highly lucrative. One of the best things about having a paid membership site is the opportunity for recurring income. Provided that you are adding more new members each month than you are losing, you business will continue to grow. Because of this membership site income tends to be more stable than selling eBook or other products, whose sales can fluctuate significantly.

Some options for setting up your own membership site include:

• Kajabi
• Profits WordPress theme
• Wishlist Member

#8 Getting Paid to Post

With pay for posting, you are paid by advertisers for writing a review or a post about their products or services and then placing it on your blog. There are a number of sites that introduce advertisers to bloggers. These include:

• SocialSpark
• ReviewMe
• PayU2Blog
• PayPerPost